Surface level isn’t my thing. Let’s get to know each other in a more meaningful way.

If you want to capture the truest photos of you - you need to trust me. And to trust me, well you need to know me. My work might speak for itself but let’s get to know a bit more about me.

meet Aron

I am a free-spirit with an old soul capturing alllll the feels through photography.

Remember the good old days? The days where you felt carefree, alive, the days you look back on and wish you could relive for a moment? Well, I want these photos to be those moments. The moments that bring you back to this place. 

I am inspired by nature, human connection, natural light, everything vintage and high school feels, nostalgia, interior design and European architecture. 

Heyyyy! I'm Aron. I am based in Vancouver, BC + I am down to go wherever your heart desires!

My husband and I took off on our honeymoon through Iceland and Europe and I left feeling so inspired. 

I remember my childhood dream job was to photograph animals in Africa. Random, I know. This dream was long forgotten and I took the more expected route heading to university for criminology and then later interior design. I was searching for a meaningful career but continued to fall short. I had always loved photography but never saw it as a viable career. It wasn’t until I got married in 2017 and saw my photographers in action. I appreciated their art, trusted them, and saw them as an integral part of my wedding day.

Taking the road less traveled. 

I owned a Canon Rebel T3i, I had never shot in manual and I was doing a completely different career, but I knew I had the potential and the heart to get there. I base a lot of my decisions and photography on a feeling. It never disappoints. The next day I invested my money into getting all the gear and began my journey. Photography sets my soul on fire. I know this is a bold statement to make, but the feeling I get when driving to a shoot and coming home never gets old. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I remember the day
I decided I was going
 to take the plunge.

I am an adventurous soul who loves deep conversations, immersing myself into nature, simplicity, the stars and the moon, mental health, belly laughs, learning and evolving, exploring new places and creating. I’m also basic AF and pretty much only watch reality TV.

I am a wife and a mama to my sweet boy and my cuddly dog. Adventure is ingrained in my heart and the beauty that comes with living in British Columbia is like no other. I have a soft spot for nature, and I don't think much can beat sitting with a coffee or a beer looking at a calm lake or the roaring ocean. I treasure the days spent with my family, having slow mornings, getting out for adventures (rain or shine!) and binge watching reality tv. It really is the simple things for me. 

There are few things I am certain of in this life, but those I know for sure is that I was meant to be a mom and I was born to create.

If I could transport myself to anywhere in the world right now it would be: Iceland.

Every year I go on a road trip to a different National Park with one of my best friends (We have completed 10 so far exploring parks in British Columbia, Washington and Utah).

I am a tom boy at heart and love anything that gets my blood pumpin

Looking at old photographs of my parents and grandparents inspires me. The whole mood is different. It seems more simple.

My childhood was spent running around barefoot in my backyard and exploring and building forts in our forest. I spent every summer at my cabin in the middle of nowhere, with no wifi or cell service for most of my years there. Fully immersed in nature, swimming in the lake and still finding a way to get up to no good. I still have the spirit of that little girl.

5 fun facts about me

Ready to say 'I do' and make things official?!

As your photographer I always strive to create a meaningful experience. It’s not just showing up on your day and taking some pretty photos. I want to know you and I want you to know me. Connection and trust are so important in creating images that fully represent you.

Curious to what it's like to work with me?!