October 29, 2020

Chilliwack Lake Adventure Engagement Session

Caitlynn and Devin got engaged this last summer. When Caitlynn reached out to me and told me their story, I knew they were my kind of people! They love going on adventures in their 4Runner to explore the great outdoors. So what did we do for our session? We headed to Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park for a little adventure.

It made the most sense to do a sunrise session so we didn’t lose the light in the mountains. This meant we were up super early. Caitlynn was up at 3-4 AM getting ready! We headed down a dirt road from Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park entrance that led us to some amazing views of the lake. From there, we headed out from Chilliwack Lake stopping anywhere that the light hit perfectly. I couldn’t even name the places we went if I tried! I hope you find your adventurous spirit looking through these photos.

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