October 5, 2020

Family Session in Aldergrove, BC

Meet the Haber’s, the sweetest family of five living in the town they grew up in. Shantal and Mike are high school sweethearts and have three beautiful daughters. You can feel the love they have for each other just being in their presence and watching them interact. I didn’t give a whole lot of direction, as they were so free and connected on their own.

After Shantal received the photos she gave one of the most meaningful response I have been given:

“Aron 😭 I have never loved pictures of my family more than these! Honestly… they’re so raw. Like our real life lol. The girls are wild and I’m so thankful you didn’t work to wrangle them in. You let them be them and I think that’s why I love them so much. I see all their little personalities ❤️ Thank you, THANK YOU! I couldn’t love them more !!!!”

Fun fact, Shantal was my doula with Easton and we couldn’t have survived without her, not even kidding! She is the best.

We went to the perfect location for them, a field they often go to that happens to be across the street from their home. Growing up in Aldergrove myself, I am not sure how I never knew it existed, so it was a pleasant surprise when they took me to this secret field. They have amazing style, creating the perfect mix of texture, patterns, and colouring with their outfit choices. The mustard yellow went perfectly with the long grass (if you didn’t know, matching the environment is my favourite). I hope you feel how free these three girls are and the love between the Haber family.

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