September 5, 2020

Couples Session at the Wildflower Festival

I loved shooting Cody + Sarah at the Wildflower Festival in Chilliwack, BC. The weather was looking a little gloomy with some rain, but we went anyway! We got lucky with the rain scaring everyone away and we basically got the whole place to ourselves. How beautiful is this location? This makes my hippy dreams come true! I loved how playful and fun this session was, they were game for ANYTHING. Once we were done at the flower festival we headed to a random dead-end road for some car headlight photos. I have always wanted to take some and they were the perfect couple to do my first attempt with. I probably only took 10 photos, and they are some of my favourites! I am kind of kicking myself I didn’t take more! I hope this session fills up your hippy love tank as much as it does for me!

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