October 5, 2019

Mount Cheam, Chilliwack Anniversary

Amy and Connor are high school sweethearts and tied the knot in 2014. They decided to celebrate their 10 year dating anniversary (because this is a milestone too!) and head to Mount Cheam in Chilliwack, BC. The Forest Service road is pretty rough heading up to the mountain and requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle. I would recommend a truck or an SUV with good clearance. It’s over an hour drive to the base of Mount Cheam trail. Fun fact, I was pretty pregnant on the drive up and the incredibly rough road was making me feel the best!

I have hiked to the top of Mount Cheam three times now (it is my all time favourite hike) and of all the times we went, fall was my favourite. There is something about the colours. If you would like to hike Mount Cheam I would recommend checking out Vancouver Trails website.

If you are wondering what on earth you will do with your wedding dress again, I would suggest putting it on and taking some fun anniversary photos.

Dress: Katie May Collection

Florals: Confetti Floral

Want to see more of how their story unfolds? Head to the blog here to see their maternity session!

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