Photography doesn’t turn off for me, it’s ingrained in who I am and how I see the world. It’s beautiful, and if you don’t stop once in a while - you’re going to miss it. Let me give you the gift of freezing these moments in time.

Photography literally sets my soul on fire. Capturing all kinds of love and connections is what makes me feel most alive. I am stoked you are here and the possibility of going on an adventure together!

Your elopement and tiny weddings photographer capturing heartfelt imagery for adventurous souls in Vancouver, BC + wherever your heart desires!

Heyyy, I’m Aron

Remember the good old days? The days where you felt carefree, alive, the days you look back on and wish you could relive for a moment? Well, I want these photos to be those moments. The moments that bring you back to that place.


Let's create something rad 

Let's create something intimate 

Let's create something heartfelt 

Let's create something vintage 

Let's create something playful 

Let's create something weird 

Let's create something genuine 

Let's create something wild 

Let's create something totally you 

In what moments do you feel most alive? Let’s photograph those.

take a peek inside

Feeling like it's fate and the stars are aligned for us?!

Capturing the fun & playful and the quiet & intimate. Your love story has both. 

“HOLY TALENTED! The whole experience with Aron Bordt was more than I expected; from start to finish she was working the scene, capturing every detail of our wedding. She also had no issues directing my guests to ensure she got all the moments I requested during the ceremony. She was very creative with my décor and sentimental items I wanted photographs of; capturing how beautiful our venue looked that day. All the photos were perfect! EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. I highly recommend Aron to anyone looking for a photographer who will give you photos you can’t stop looking at.”

- Danielle + Vance

Photos you can’t stop looking at.

“As a man who does not particularly enjoy taking photos of any kind and feels uncomfortable in front of a camera, I do have to say that Aron Bordt really rocked. She got me moving around and doing goofy little things with my girlfriend that instantly put a positive vibe on the experience and turned a dreaded night out doing couple photos into a night of laughing and rolling around in the long grass being goof balls together. She made this photoshoot a really good time and a great date night that will last for a long time to come. Aron truly has an eye for making shots happen organically and I'd let here 3rd wheel my date night again in a heart beat. I give her a 10/10.”

- Cody + Sarah

An eye for making shots happen organically and I'd let her 3rd wheel my date night again in a heart beat.

“Aron is such a talented photographer! She has done our engagement & wedding photos as well as a couple other shoots. She exceeds all expectations. She is so kind and makes you feel very comfortable even when you may not. On our wedding day she contacted me in the morning asking if we had clear umbrellas for the wedding ( it rained) which we did not and she went out of her way to go find some for us. She goes the extra mile!"

- Ali + Bryce

She exceeds all expectations.

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